Smoke Detector


Addressable Smoke Detector

SNA-360 analogue addressable photoelectric smoke detectors are microprocessor controlled state-of-the-art detectors suitable for connection to Numens addressable fire detection control and indicating equipment. Up to 125 detectors can be connected to each alarm zone loop. Advanced electronics in conjunction with a photoelectric smoke sensing chamber provides early detection of fire and high immunity against unwanted alarms. The SNA-360 analogue addressable detector range provides fire detection and alarm system designers with a premium smoke detector for life safety and property protection applications.

Manufacturer: Numens

PRICE: ₱ 2,386.80

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Advanced algorithms provide analogue detection discrimination
Surface-mount device (SMD) circuit board design
High immunity against unwanted alarms
Stable smoke sensing chamber. No adjustment or replacement requiredSleek low-profile housing design
Dual LEDs for 360° visibility
Convenient 2-wire connection
Easy installation with simple address setting DIP switches
Available with 125 usable detector address settings per loop when connected toNumens control and indicating equipment
Optional remote LED output
Low maintenance

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