LED Display Card


Remote LED Display Card

The 6001 remote LED display card is used to repeat the discrete detection zone Alarm and Fault LED indications from Numens control panels. Eight discrete LEDs can be configured to display multiple Alarm or Fault conditions from the control panel. Each 6001 remote LED display is configured by use of jumpers to display either Alarm Conditions or Fault Conditions. An additional jumper configures the card to display detection zones 1 ~ 8 or 9 ~ 16. 6001 remote LED display cards provides fire detection and alarm system designers with a flexible solution for life safety and property protection applications.

Manufacturer: Numens

PRICE: ₱ 2,678.40

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2 loop detection circuits
Networkable, up to 4 control panels
Supports up to 125 addressable devices per loop
Automatic device detection on start-up
Automatic device type-code verification
2 independently programmable non-addressable sounder output circuits
2 programmable relay outputs
Fault relay output
Remote disable and evacuation inputs
Backlit LCD display providing 4 rows of 40 characters
16 zone fire alarm LED indicators
3000 event history log
Attractive designer enclosure available in white
Recessed mounting
Easy installation

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