Input Module


Mini Input Module, MCP and Contract Input

620-002 addressable mini input modules provide the interface to connect non-addressable input devices (such as manual call points) to addressable control and indicating equipment. The 620-002 mini input module is compatible with non-addressable manual call points and other input devices.Up to 125 addressable alarm zone modules can be connected to each alarm zone loop. The 620 mini input module range provides fire detection and alarm system designers with a Standards-compliant, economical product for life safety and property protection applications

Manufacturer: Numens

PRICE: ₱ 1,060.80

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Visual, audible and audio/visual models available
Loop-powered from control and indicating equipment
Operates when either a dedicated activation message is received from the control and indicating equipment, or optionally when the control and indicating equipment enters the Alarm Condition
Loud sounder output of 85 dB at 1 m
Long-life LEDs
Low quiescent current
Easy DIP-switch address setting
Low maintenance
Quick alarm and shadow addressable options are available

Technical Data