Intelligent System


Hand Held Programmer

The P-9910B GST protocol programming tool, capable of reading and writing address codes, displaying model number, year of manufacture and batch number, plus display and adjust analogue sensitivity.

Manufacturer: GST

PRICE: ₱ 19,339.32

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Portable programming tool for addressing and testing of intelligent devices
Reprogram facility enables adjustment to alarm sensitivity of detectors
Programs all loop devices (1-242 addresses per loop)
Digital programming
Non-polarized 2 wire intelligent programmer
Interrogates devices for conditions
Adjust inputs modules to accept N/C or N/O contacts
Low power consumption with sleep and auto off mode
Battery low indication
Display type: Four-bit LCD
Easy operation Hand held engineering tool

Technical Data

Test Certificate: CE EMC AE50121021
Power supply: one 9V battery
Working current: ≤8mA
Standby current: ≤50μA
Operating Temperature: -20oC+70
Relative Humidity: ≤95 % 40±2ºC
Physical dimensions: 164mm×64mm×24mm