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Addressable Flashing Beacon Base

I-9406 Addressable Flashing Beacon Base is installed in field to warn people for evacuation with audible and visual alarm in case of a confirmed fire.

Manufacturer: GST

PRICE: ₱ 6,027.84

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With “sandwich” structure, it is easy to be installed between DZ-03 base and a detector
Three working modes settable (Mode I, II, III, and the latter two available with pre-alarm state)
16 tones of sound and bright flashing light
Electronically addressed. The address and tones can be modified in field

Technical Data

Operating Voltage: Loop 24V (16V~28V)
Quiescent Current: ≤1mA
Alarm Current: ≤6mA
Mode: Mode I, II & III.
Flash indication: Bright red flash, frequency 1Hz
Programming: Electronically programmed
Code Range: 1~242
Ingress Protection Rating: IP21
Operating Temperature: -10℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non condensing
Material of Enclosure: ABS
Dimension: Diameter: 152.4mm
Height: 41.3mm (without cover)
Mounting hole distance: 45mm~80mm
Weight: About 233.9g