Intelligent System


Intelligent Sounder Strobe

The I-9403 is an addressable combined wall mounting sounder and strobe while the I-9404 is identical in appearance and features to I-9403 but without strobe element.

Manufacturer: GST

PRICE: ₱ 5,740.80

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Providing 16 tones
Loop powered or external 24V powered
Power-saving consumption mode and normal consumption mode (factory default)
Single/dual address programmable
Working modes: sounder & strobe / strobe only / sounder only
Standard: EN 54-3

Technical Data

Operating Voltage: 24VDC Loop, 24VDC Power Supply
Power Supply: Current Standby Current: 3mA
Alarm Current: 65mA
Loop Current Standby Current: 1mA
Alarm Current: 3mA
Sounder Output: 94dB 1 Meter
Operating Temperature: -10℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity: 95%
Wiring: Non-polarized 2-core for loop
Non-polarized 2-core for power supply
Dimension (mm): Diameter 110
Height 97.5