Intelligent System


Addressable Sounder Mount Base

I-9402 Addressable Base Mount Sounder (the sounder) is an audible signal appliance mounted in field. When there is a fire, it will give audible alarm signal to warn people in field.

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PRICE: ₱ 5,230.00

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Electronically addressed. The address can be modified in field
Built-in microprocessor processes information intelligently
Four working modes (Mode I, II, III, IV) with different addresses.

Technical Data

Operating Voltage: Loop 24V (16V~28V)
Operating Current: Standby Current: ≤1mA
Alarm Current ≤5mA
Programming: Electronically addressed
Code Range: 1~242
Ingress Protection Rating: IP31
Operating Temperature: -10℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non condensing
Material and Color of Enclosure: ABS, white (RAL 9016)
Dimension: Diameter: 120mm
Height: 38.8mm(without cover)
Weight: About 150g