Intelligent System


Addressable Input Module

I-9300 Addressable Input Module is used to receive normally open or normally closed control signals from interfaced equipment, and transmit the messages back to fire alarm control panel.

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Working mode can be set to normally open, normally closed and normally open cable monitor through programmer.
Electronically addressed. The address can be modified in field
Insulation technology for input signal, good anti-interference ability
Plug-in structure
Standard: EN 54-18:2005

Technical Data

Operating Voltage: Loop 24V(16V~28V)
Average Current: ≤1mA
Code Range: One address is within 1~242
Indicator: Red, flashes when polling. Illuminates in action
Programming Method: Electronically programmed
Ingress Protection Rating: IP30
Operating Temperature: 0℃~+49℃
Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non condensing
Material of Enclosure: ABS
Dimension: 120mm×80mm×39mm (with base)
Weight: About 181g (with base)