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Intelligent Graphic Repeater Panel

GST8903 Intelligent Graphic Repeater Panel is a fire alarm indication unit located on each floor and in fire control center of a building. In case of fire, the host fire alarm control panel (FACP) in fire control center will give an alarm and transmit the alarm signal to the repeater panel where the fire breaks out. The repeater panel will display location of the alarming detector through an indicator and alert staff in the alarm area through audible alarm sound.

Manufacturer: GST

PRICE: ₱ 15,100.00

Free Delivery within Metro Manila


Graphic repeater panel for GST fire alarm systems, compatible with all GST intelligent fire alarm panels
Up to 100 LED indication points
Custom graphical layout to project requirement
Electronically programmed by handheld programmer
Programmable to display zones or individual device
Programmable to indicate fire and fault conditions
A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes

Technical Data

Material of chassis: high quality steel plate
Communication: RS485 loop
Alarm indication: LED and alarm sound
Operating Current: Standby Current: ≤25mA
Alarm Current: ≤100mA
Operating Environment: Environment Temperature: 0℃~+40℃
Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non-condensing
Dimension: 380mm×480mm×70mm
Ingress Protection Rating: IP30
Mounting Hole Distance: 260mm