Intelligent System


Addressable Multi-Channel Interface

With microprocessor, DI-9309 Addressable Multi-Channel Interface can communicate with fire alarm control panel (FACP), monitor power supply, and judge the logic state of input signal, control output and state indicators.

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Interface board for plant monitoring and control.
Multi channel integrated for savings installation cost.
Input cable fault monitored for short circuit and open circuit
Ideal for monitoring of pump rooms
Electronically addressed

Technical Data

Operating Voltage: 24VDC Loop, 24VDC Power Supply
Operating Current: Loop: Standby Current 1.5mA, Alarm Current 3mA
Power: Standby Current 50mA, Alarm Current 100mA
Capability: 1 ~ 16 input channels
Rate of Relay: 2A/220VAC
Operating Environment: Temperature: -10℃ ~+50℃
Relative Humidity: 95%
End of Line: 4.7kΩ resistor
Action Resistance: 470 ~ 680Ω
Dimension: 200mm x 100mm x 20mm