Intelligent System


Loop Isolator

In the event of a short circuit on a detection loop, the C-9503 Isolator either side of the fault will detect the problem and open the circuit and isolate the faulty part of the loop.

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Polarity-sensitive external connections. Input and output can be used inversely without direction
Delayed power-up to output end devices, avoids strong transient current when the load is heavy
Plug-in structure

Technical Data

Operating Voltage: 24VDC (16VDC~28VDC)
Standby Current: ≤3mA
Action Current: ≤15mA
Capacity: Maximum 32 devices every two isolators
Indicator: Yellow, flashes when polling, illuminates in action
Ingress Protection Rating: IP30
Operating Temperature: 0℃~+49℃ For indoor use / dry locations
Relative Humidity: ≤93%, non condensing
Material of Enclosure: ABS
Dimension: 120mm×80mm×39mm (with base)
Weight: About 175g (with base)