Intelligent System


Heat/Photoelectric Smoke Detector

C-9101 is a multifunctional and highly reliable detector that able to sense fire cause by polyurethane and heptanes fire. And also detect fire with obvious rise of temperature such as alcohol fire.

Manufacturer: GST

PRICE: ₱ 2,216.16

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3 levels sensitivities programmable; Level 1 complies with EN 54-7. Fix temperature or rate of rise programmable, rate of rise mode complies with EN-54-5
Integrated algorithm for analyzing fire, improving the sensitivity highly
Removable innovative sensing chamber, easy for maintenance
Drift compensation to suit environment changing extensively
Reporting dirt fault for contaminated chamber
Remote indicator output available

Technical Data

Operating Voltage: 24VDC (12VDC~28VDC)
Standby Current: ≤60μ A
Alarm current: 10mA≤ ≤40mA
Maximum Ripple Voltage: 2V (peak-to-peak value)
Indicator: Red: flashes in normal and illuminates in alarm.
The LED is quiet in fault. And it lights and then turns out about every three seconds periodically when reported dirty.
Remote Indicator Output: Directly connecting with indicator (built-in 5.1kΩ resistor, maximum output current is 5.0mA). Quiet in normal condition. Flashes in alarm.
Alarm Clear: Instantaneous Power-off (10s MAX., 1.5VDC MAX.)
Power-up Time: ≤10s
Action Temperature: 62℃
Class: A2R
Wiring: Polarized 2-core for detection zone cable.
Polarized 2-core for remote indicator
Ingress Protection Rating: IP22
Environment Temperature: -10℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity: ≤95%, non condensing
Material of Enclosure: ABS
Dimensions: Diameter: 100mm
Height: 56mm (with base)
Mounting Hole Distance: 45mm~75mm
Weight: 126g